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CountryFlag of Haiti.svg Haiti

Ouanaminthe is a city located in the Nord-Est Department of Haiti. It contains about 100,000 people including immediate areas. The Massacre River is located between Ouanaminthe and Dajabón in the Dominican Republic. The border crossing to Dajabón is one of the four chief land crossings to the Dominican Republic. Ouanaminthe has several elementary schools including "St-Francois Xavier","St-Francois d'Assise","CFCP", "Sur le Rocher" and "L'institution de l'Univers" congreganist schools. Also, there are over 10 secondary schools, including a Lycee, a public school, and a Law school (public university). Haitians living in Ouanaminthe are allowed to cross the border to Dajabón only two days per week.

Ouanaminthe has many small schools. The majority of them belong to churches. The Lycee Capois La Mort was located in the "Arobouk nan gran ri a" now move to "Sans". Most of the school are elementary. When students reach 7th grade, many move to a bigger city or to another school. Haiti's educational system is constituted of four parts.
1) Kindergarten
2) "Primaire" Primary school(equivalence U.S.'s 1st through 6th grade in the US)
3)"Secondaire" Secondary School (equivalence of U.S.'s 7th through 11th grade plus Rheto and Philo)
4) "Universite" University

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