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Ouest Department
Country Haiti
Capital Port-au-Prince
Area 4,827 km2 (1,863.72 sq mi)
Population 3,093,698 (2003 Census)

Ouest (English: West, Haitian Creole: Lwès) is one of the ten departments (French: départements) of Haiti. It is the jurisdictional seat of the national capital, the city of Port-au-Prince. It has an area of 4,827 square kilometres (1,864 sq mi) and a population of 3,093,698 (2003 Census). It borders the Dominican Republic to the east.

It is the second largest department in Haiti after the department of Artibonite. Gonâve Island is also part of the Ouest Department. The department's stretch of coastline lies entirely in the Gulf of Gonâve.

Arrondissements & Communes

(with 2003 Census populations in parenthesis)

  • × The communes of Cité Soleil and Tabarre are newly constituted, and did not exist at the time of the 2003 Census


2010 7.0 Earthquake

Shake map of 2010 Haiti earthquake

On 12 January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck in the department, the largest in Haiti in two centuries.[1] In the Port-au-Prince Arrondissement, many areas suffered damage.[2] In the Léogâne Arrondissement, the city of Léogane suffered 80-90% destruction.[3] Other places in Léogâne were also affected.

Mass emigration to

Absolute poverty levels in the Ouest department are the lowest in the country[4] and Haiti's few public schools are located in Port-au-Prince.[5]


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