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Computer generated aerial view of the arrondissement

Port-au-Prince (Creole: Pòtoprens) is an arrondissement in the Ouest Department of Haiti. It has 2,109,516 inhabitants[1]. Postal codes in the Port-au-Prince Arrondissement start with the number 61.


Carrefour, Cité Soleil, Delmas, Port-au-Prince, in relation to one another

The arondissement consists of the following communes:


Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Pétionville, in relation to each other, areas of heavy 12 January 2010 quake damage are highlighted

2010 7.0 Earthquake

Downtown Port-au-Prince after the quake

On 12 January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck in the arrondissement, the largest in Haiti in two centuries. [2] The city of Port-au-Prince suffered much damage, and estimates of upwards of 50,000 deaths, with many facilities destroyed.[3] In Pétionville, the earthquake collapsed a hospital in the city. [4] In Carrefour, half of the buildings were destroyed in the worst-affected areas.[5] Roughly half the structures were destroyed in Gressier.[5]


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Coordinates: 18°30′39″N 72°38′02″E / 18.51083°N 72.63389°E / 18.51083; 72.63389

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