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Who are Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War

Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War are not in prison for committing social "crimes", nor are they criminals. Different PP/POWs participated in progressive and revolutionary movements in varying levels. Some in educational and community organizing, others in clandestine armed and offensive people's armies. All are in prison as a result of conscious political action, for building resistance, building and leading movements and revolution... for making change. Many of us in some way or another are part of these very movements, part of that resistance that PP/POWs helped to build. As people continuing to struggle for change, we are obligated and it is our duty to support those people who are in prison as a result of struggling to make change. Though some have a wider definition of Political Prisoners, we maintain that even if the definition of a Political Prisoner was expanded and widely accepted to include social prisoners of conscience, it needs to be clear that those prisoners who went to prison as a result of political action taken on the street would still demand our priority support. For movements to support other prisoners before we support the prisoners who have gone to prison for building the very movements we now participate in is backwards and criminal.

New Afrikan Prisoners of War

Afrikans captured fighting for their people, are classified by Afrikans as New Afrikan Prisoners of War. Below is a list of prisoners.

New Afrikan Political Prisoners
New Afrikan Nationalists Name Details Sentence Prison Address
Mumia Abu-Jamal In December of 1982, Mumia, who moonlighted by driving a taxi, happened upon police who were beating his brother. During the melee, a police was shot and killed and despite the fact that many people saw someone else shoot and then runaway from the scene, Mumia, in what could only be called a kangaroo court, was convicted and sentenced to death.,During the summer of 1995, a death warrant was signed by Governor Tom Ridge, which sparked one of the most effective organizing efforts in defense of a political prisoner ever. Since that time, Mumia has had his death sentence overturned, but is still expected to serve the rest of his life in prison. SCI-Mahanoy MUMIA ABU-JAMAL AM-8335 SCI-Mahanoy 301 Morea Rd. Frackville, PA. 17932
Zolo Agona Azania Zolo Azania is a former Black Panther convicted of a 1981 bank robbery that left a Gary, Indiana cop dead. He was arrested miles away from the incident as he was walking, unarmed, down the street.,After a trial plagued with injustices, Zolo was given the death penalty.,After years of campaigning and several orders to stop his execution, the death penalty sentence was finally dropped.,Zolo still adamantly maintains innocence and continues to fight for his freedom. Indiana State Prison Zolo Azania #4969 Indiana State Prison – Minimum Unit 201 Woodlawn Avenue Michigan City, Indiana 46361
Veronza Bowers Jr. Veronza Bowers Jr. is a former Black Panther Party member framed for the murder of a U.S. Park Ranger.,He is being illegally held past his 30 year sentences, making him one of the longest-held political prisoners in U.S. history. USP Atlanta VERONZA BOWERS JR. USP Atlanta #35316-136 P.O. Box 150160 Atlanta, GA 30315
Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly H.,Rap Brown, was a black liberation leader serving as the chairman of the,Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and late the Justice Minister,of the Black Panther Party.,He went on to convert to Islam, became an,Imam and,helped found a mosque in Atlanta.,In 2000 he was charged with,the shooting of two officers, one of whom died and is now serving a,life sentence. USP Canaan Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, #99974-555

USP Canaan U.S. Penitentiary P.O. Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472

Joseph “Joe-Joe” Bowen “Joe-Joe” Bowen is a Black Liberation Army (BLA) Prisoner of War, serving two life sentences for,the assassination of a prison warden and deputy warden, as well as an,attempted prison break which resulted in a five-day standoff. JOSEPH BOWEN
  1. AM-4272

1 Kelley Drive Coal Township, PA 17866-1021

Fred “Muhammad” Burton Fred Burton is one of the Philly 5, a group of,men accused of an alleged attack on a police station that left one,office killed. He was sentenced to a life term for murder. Burton has,maintained his innocence since his arrest. SCI Somerset FRED BURTON

AF 3896 SCI Somerset 1590 Walters Mill Rd Somerset, PA 15510

Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald Romaine Fitzgerald
  1. B27527

Kern Valley State Prison A-5-110 P.O. Box 5101 Delano, California 93216

Robert Seth Hayes On June 5, 1973, a,transit officer, Sidney Thompson, was shot and killed while trying to,detain two individuals at transit station in the Bronx.,Seth and,another person were arrested for the death of the transit officer.,Seth,was convicted of the crime, in addition to eight counts of attempted,murder of a NYC police officer, weapons possession, grand theft, and,collective association.,He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.,Seth has always maintained his innocence. ROBERT SETH HAYES
  1. 74-A-2280

Sullivan Correctional Facility 325 Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 116 Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Freddie Hilton (Kamau Sadiki) Kamau Sadiki is a former member of the,Black Panther Party,and was convicted of a 30-year old murder case of a,Fulton County Police Officer found shot to death in his car outside a,service station.,Learn more about Kamau and join the struggle for his,freedom at Augusta State Medical Prison Freddie Hilton (Kamau Sadiki)
  1. 0001150688

Augusta State Medical Prison, Bldg 13A-2 E7 3001 Gordon Highway Grovetown, GA 30813

Larry Hoover Larry Hoover is a former gang member and,street level black liberation organizer currently serving concurrent,sentences resulting from a prison uprising in 1978. Larry Hoover
  1. 86063-024

Florence ADMAX P.O. Box 8500 Florence, CO 81226

Richard Mafundi Lake Richard has been locked up since September 19, 2001 for allegedly,creating a security hazard by writing anti-American propaganda on the,black board during an Islamic service. However, Richard has stated that,he was leading a discussion regarding reparations for Black people for,enslavement and centuries of injustices. Richard Mafundi Lake
  1. 079972

Donaldson CF 100 Warrior Lane Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

Maliki Latine Maliki S Latine
  1. 81A4469

Shawangunk Correctional Facility P.O. Box 700 Wallkill, New York 12589

Ruchell Cinque Magee Ruchell Cinque Magee is the longest held,political prisoner in the U.S., having been locked up since 1963.,Politicized in prison, he later participated in the Marin County Courthouse Rebellion, the attempted liberation of political prisoner George Jackson. He has worked tirelessly as a jailhouse lawyer, working,on his own case and helping many other prisoners win their freedom. Ruchell Magee #A92051

CSP – Los Angeles County Post Office Box 8457 Lancaster, CA 93539-8457

Abdul Majid On the night of April 1981, two NYPD officers were fired on by two,suspects during a traffic stop. Police claim that the stop was in,connection with several burglaries, while they also claim the van was,pulled over because of its connection to the liberation of Assata Shakur,from a New Jersey prison.

Regardless of the reason for the stop, the occupants exited the car,and opened fire on the police, shooting both officers- killing one,officer, John Scarangella and injuring the other. A few days after the shooting, police began circulating a folder of,“suspects” which consisted exclusively of former members of the Black,Panther Party and their associates. Bashir and Abdul (James York and,Anthony LaBorde) were identified in the media as chief suspects and,targets of a “shoot to kill” manhunt. Bashir was arrested in August 1981 in South Carolina. Abdul was,arrested in Philadelphia in January, 1982 and was brutally beaten by,police after his arrest.

Abdul Majid #83-A-0483

Five Points Correctional Facility 6600 State Route 96 Box 119 Romulus, NY 14541

Reverend Joy Powell On many occasions Rev. Joy had held rallies and spoke out against the,police brutality and “police justifications” in Rochester NY. As a,result, Rev. Joy was accused and convicted of 1st Degree Burglary and,Assault. Bedford Hills CF Reverend Joy Powell
  1. 07G0632

Bedford Hills CF P.O. Box 1000 Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2499

Ronald Reed In 1970 he was convicted of shooting a St. Paul police officer.,Twenty-five years after the killing, Reed was arrested and convicted of,first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree-murder. He is,serving life in prison. RONALD REED
  1. 219531

MCF OAK PARK HEIGHTS 5329 Osgood Avenue North Stillwater, Minnesota,55082-1117

Kojo Bomani Sababu Convicted of one count of conspiracy for an alleged plan to use,rockets, hand grenades and a helicopter in an attempt to free Puerto,Rican Prisoner of War Oscar Lopez Rivera from the Federal prison at,Leavenworth, Kan., where he was serving a 55-year sentence for a 1981,conviction of seditious conspiracy. Kojo Bomani Sababu (Grailing Brown)
  1. 39384-066

USP Canaan U.S. Penitentiary P.O. Box 300 Waymart, PA,18472

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson
Dr. Mutulu Shakur In March 1982, Dr. Shakur and 10 others were indicted by a federal,grand jury under a set of U.S. conspiracy laws called “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization” (RICO) laws. DR. MUTULU SHAKUR
  1. 83205-012


  1. AF-3855

SCI Graterford PO Box 244 Graterford, PA 19426 – 0246

Gary Tyler Gary Tyler
  1. 84156

Louisiana State Penitentiary ASH-4 Angola, LA 70712

Sundiata Acoli (C. Squire) Sundiata Acoli is a New Afrikan political,prisoner of war.,A tireless worker for black liberation, Sundiata was a,prominent member of the Harlem chapter of the Black Panther Party.,Continally targeted by the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO operation, Sundiata,continued the struggle underground with the Black Liberation Army.,In,1973 he, Zayd and Assata Shakur were ambushed by New Jersey state,troopers.,Zayd Shakur was killed, while Assata was wounded and taken,into custody.,One state trooper was killed in the attack and another,injured.,In a political charged and biased trial Sundiata was sentenced,to life plus 30 years. Sundiata Acoli #39794-066 (Squire)

FCI Cumberland Federal Correctional Institution P.O. BOX 1000 Cumberland, MD 21501

Angola Three/BPP Kenny Zulu Whitmore Kenny Zulu Whitmore,

86468 D/Hawk – 4L Louisiana State Prison Angola, LA 70712

Albert Woodfox Albert Woodfox #72148

West Feliciana Parish Detention Center PO Box 2727 St. Francisville, LA 70775

M.O.V.E. Chuck Sims Africa Chuck Sims Africa
  1. AM4975

SCI Dallas 1000 Follies Rd. Dallas, PA 18612

Debbie Sims Africa Debbie Sims Africa
  1. OO-6307

SCI CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS 451 Fullerton Ave Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238


AM4985 SCI Dallas 1000 Follies Road Dallas, PA 18612

Edward Goodman Africa Edward Goodman Africa #AM-4974

SCI Mahoney 301 Morea Road Frackville, PA 17932

Janet Holloway Africa Janet Holloway Africa
  1. OO-6308

SCI CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS 451 Fullerton Ave Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

Janine Phillips Africa Janine Phillips Africa
  1. OO-6309

SCI Cambridge Springs 451 Fullerton Ave Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238

Michael Davis Africa Michael Davis Africa
  1. AM-4973

SCI Graterford P.O. Box 244 Graterford, PA 19426-0244

Nebraska 2 Ed Poindexter ED POINDEXTER
  1. 27767


Mondo We Langa (D. Rice) MONDO WE LANGA (D. RICE)
  1. 27768

NEBRASKA STATE PENITENTIARY P.O. Box 2500 Lincoln, NE 68542-2500

New York 3 Herman Bell Herman Bell is a Black Panther framed for the murder of a police officer in New York and is serving 25 years to life in prison. HERMAN BELL

79C0262 Great Meadow Correctional Facility 11739 State Route 22 P.O. Box 51 Comstock, New York 12821-0051

Jalil Muntaqim charged with a host of revolutionary activities including the,assassination of two police in New York City. It is for this that he is,currently serving a 25 years – life sentence in New York State. His case,is known as the New York 3 case as his co-defendants include Nuh and,Herman Bell. Anthony J. Bottom
  1. 77-A-4283

Attica Correctional Facility, PO Box 149 Attica NY 14011-0149

Lucasville Uprising Siddique Abdullah Hasan Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Carlos A. Sanders)
  1. R130559

Ohio State Penitentiary PO Box 1436 Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Greg Curry Greg Curry, along with other prison activists have been in solitary,confinement and/or Death Row over (18) years.,They are held at,Youngstown’s Super Max Prison facility.,They were unjustly charged and,convicted of murder in the Lucasville Uprising of April 11, 1993.,They refused to help prison officials’ frame and send Siddique Hasan and Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur) to Death Row. Greg Curry A213159Ohio State PenitentiaryP.O. BOX 1436Youngstown, Ohio 44505
Bomani Shakur Ohio prosecutors allege that Keith Lamar was the leader of a group of prisoners dubbed the death squad and was responsible for ordering the deaths of five inmates during Ohio’s longest and bloodiest prison uprising at Lucasville in 1993. Since the uprising he has taken the African name Bomani Shakur. Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar)

317-117 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road Youngstown, OH, 44505

Oscar Lopez Rivera
Virgin Island 5 Abdul Azeez (Warren Ballentine) Abdul Azeez (Warren Ballentine)
  1. 930257

Golden Grove Prison Box 9955, King Hill St. Croix, Virgin Islands 00850

Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau) Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau)
  1. 295933

Golden Grove Prison Post Office Box 9955 Kings Hill, Saint Croix Virgin Islands 00850

Malik Smith Malik Smith (Meral Smith)
  1. 295945

Golden Grove Prison P.O. Box 9955 Kings Hill, Saint Croix, Virgin Islands 00850

Christopher Monfort Monfort is accused of waging a one-man war against the Seattle police in the fall of 2009. #209040021 500 Fifth Avenue Seattle , WA 98104
Miguel Balderos Miguel Balderos is known as an anarchist sentenced to 10 years and 8 months for the arson of the Santa Cruz, CA city prosecutor’s office. When apprehended, he allegedly told police that he was a homeless anarchist protesting the city’s ban on camping. Miguel Balderos F81930

CSP Solano PO Box 4000 14G5UP Vacaville CA 95696

Patrice Lumumba Ford Patrice Lumumba Ford
  1. 96639-011

FCI Mendota Federal Correctional Institution P.O. BOX 9 Mendota, CA,93640

Faheem Abdur-Rahim (Pierre Watkins) Pierre is a politicized prisoner from Virginia. He was transferred to,Colorado in retaliation for his organizing a gang truce and promoting,resistance to brutality and mistreatment from the guards. Pierre Watkins #158014

Colorado State Penitentiary (CSP)) P.O. Box 777 Canon City, CO 81215

Haki Malik Abdullah Abdullah, Haki Malik (s/n Michael Green) # C-56123

PO Box 3456, Corcoran, CA 93212

Kojo Bomani Sababu Bomani Sababu, Kojo (Grailing Brown) #39384-066

USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635

Abdullah Malik Ka’bah Ka’bah, Abdullah Malik (aka Jeff Fort) #92298-024 USP Florence ADMAX, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226
Sekou Kambui Kambui, Sekou (William Turk) #113058

(envelope addressed to William Turk, letter to Sekou) Bibb County Correctional Facility Unit A1-25A 565 Bibb Lane, Brent, AL 35034

Maumin Khabir Khabir, Maumin (aka Melvin Mayes) #09891-000

MCFP Springfield, P.O. Box 4000, Springfield, MO 65801

Mohamman Geuka Koti Koti, Mohamman Geuka 80-A-0808

Mohawk Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 8451, Rome, New York 13440-8451