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Mali is divided into eight regions and one capital district. Each of the regions bears the name of its principal city. The regions are divided into 49 cercles. The cercles and the capital district are divided into 703 communes.[1]

The regions are numbered, originally west to east, with Roman numerals.[2] The capital Bamako is administered separately and is in its own District.

The eight regions and the Bamako District are listed below. The population figures are from the 2009 census.[3]

Region name Region number Area (km2) Population
Gao Région VII 170,572 544,120
Kayes Région I 120,760 1,996,812
Kidal Région VIII 151,430 67,638
Koulikoro Région II 90,120 2,418,305
Mopti Région V 79,017 2,037,330
Ségou Région IV 64,947 2,336,255
Sikasso Région III 71,790 2,625,919
Tombouctou Région VI 497,926 681,691
Bamako Unnumbered 252 1,809,106


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