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Rockin’ Off, also known as Shakin Off is a particular style of speedy freestyle dancing in Baltimore City Maryland that is popular among the people of Black population since the mid 1990’s. It is similar in movement and vigor to Break Dance in New York City in the 1980’s and is welcome to all ages if capable to adhere the physical demands. {{#ev:youtube|vbtDDOa2NcY&feature=related}} Rockin’ Off has been a popular style of dance to Baltimore Club Music, or house music, for nearly fifteen years sprinkling over many southern states and even reaching Philadelphia, Jersey and now the music is making its way into New York.
Because this dance style is ever evolving, new dances are created weekly along with new Baltimore Club songs and mixes. It is not yet know as to who, what, when, where and why it started but it is safe to say that this style of movement is another product of the Afrikan spirit at its best in creation and recreation.

Examples of different dances are(*all clips on this page were taken in actual time:

Crazy Legs: {{#ev:youtube|t04VWXUC5p4}}

Stick N Roll: {{#ev:youtube|ZYa4tg58L7U&feature=related}}

Wutang: {{#ev:youtube|6n-amhF0WiI&feature=related}} {{#ev:youtube|v-vu2Xsc04k&feature=related}}

Spongebob: {{#ev:youtube|Yx5cShKbMFc}}

Down the Hill (Referring to the Cherry Hill Location of Baltimore City: {{#ev:youtube|N4Uj6zgIuDQ}}

Swing Dat Sh*t: {{#ev:youtube|1mUEROMFsKM&feature=related}}

More Rockin'/Shakin' Off Freestyle Videos and Battles: {{#ev:youtube|E5497G-wXAE&feature=related}} {{#ev:youtube|j0qA1Kf3W4g&feature=related}} {{#ev:youtube|OE2dzyJhahM&feature=related}}