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See sabhā for the Indian concept of "council".
Sabha (سبها)
Country Libya
Capital Sabha
Area 15,330 km2 (5,919 sq mi) [1]
Population 134,162 (2006) [2]
Density 9 / km² (23 / sq mi)
Map of Libya with Sabha district highlighted
Sabha District in the pre-2007 administrative system

Sabha (Arabic: سبهاSabhā) is one of the districts of Libya. It is located in the center of the country. The capital is Sabha with a population of 130,000.


Sabha has one small domestic airport. Sabha town is the most important city of southern Libya. The population is mostly a mixture of Arab and Black. Unmixed Black are also a common ethnicity.

The Sahara Desert begins at Sabha. There are illegal passenger buses that arrive at this city from southern African countries such as Niger, a journey which takes seven days. It is one of the most dangerous routes as it goes through the desert. Bus drivers often lose their way and passengers sometimes die from lack of food and water. People from Ghana, Togo, and Sudan come through Sabha and then to Europe through Tripoli.

There is a big lake inside the Sahara Desert near Sabha city named Gaberoun, the home of a former village which has now become a popular tourist spot.

Sabha borders the following districts:

The major settlements of Sabha include


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