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CountryFlag of Haiti.svg Haiti
 (2003 Census)
 • Total160,181

Saint-Marc (Haitian Creole: Sen Mak) is a coastal port town in western Haiti in the Artibonite Department. Its geographic coordinates are 19°7′N 72°42′W / 19.117°N 72.700°W / 19.117; -72.700. At the 2003 Census the municipality had 160,181 inhabitants.

The port of Saint-Marc is currently the preferred port of entry for consumer goods coming into Haiti. Reasons for this may include its location away from volatile and congested Port-au-Prince as well as its central location relative to a large group of Haitian cities including Cap-Haitien, Carrefour, Delmas, Desarmes, Fond-Parisien, Fort-Liberté, Gonaives, Hinche, Limbe, Pétionville, Port-de-Paix, and Verrettes. These cities, together with their surrounding areas, contain nearly eight million of Haïti’s ten million people (2009).

In 1905 the Compagnie Nationale or National Railroad built a 100 km railroad north to Saint-Marc from the national capital of Port-au-Prince. The track was later extended another 30 km east to Verrettes.

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