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San Antonio de Palé
Location of San Antonio de Palé on the island of Annobón
Location of San Antonio de Palé on the island of Annobón
Country Equatorial Guinea

San Antonio de Palé, is the capital of Annobón, an island in Equatorial Guinea that was once part of the Spanish Empire in Africa.

A small town, it has only 600 inhabitants, the majority of whom speak the Annobonese creole. It is located in the extreme north of the island, which is the driest and flattest area. It is home to an aerodrome, a quay, a medical centre, a school, a lighthouse, a radio station and a Catholic mission.

Founded by Portuguese explorers, it passed under Spanish control in 1778, along with the rest of Annobón. In 1801, the British constructed a small fort there, and later on, in 1827, Spain rented out the area around San Antonio as a British base for the slave trade. The town also served as the centre of evangelisation of runaway slaves from Angola. Capuchin and Carmelite missionaries first made the town their base in 1580.

Coordinates: 1°24′S 5°38′E / 1.400°S 5.633°E / -1.400; 5.633

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