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Map of Haiti showing Sud-Est department.
For the district of Botswana, see South-East District.

Sud-Est (English: South-East, Haitian Creole: Sidès) is one of the ten departments (French: départements) of Haiti. It has an area of 2,023 km² and a population of 518,200 (2002). Its capital is Jacmel. It used to be part of Sud Department[when?].

The department is divided into three arrondissements:

  1. Bainet Arrondissement
  2. Belle-Anse Arrondissement
  3. Jacmel Arrondissement

There are fifteen other smaller towns or villages, including:Banane, Bourcan-Bélier, Cavalier, Coutelas, Forêt-des-Pins, La-Fond, La-Vallée, Les-Palmes, Mare-Rouge, Mayette, Mombin, Platon-Besace, Saint-Antoine, Savane-Zombi, and Seguin.[1]


2010 7.0 earthquake

Jacmel in Jacmel Arrondissement, a city with many French colonial heritage buildings, was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude tremblor on 12 January 2010, collapsing much of that heritage architecture.[2]


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Coordinates: 18°14′00″N 72°32′00″W / 18.2333°N 72.5333°W / 18.2333; -72.5333

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