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Coordinates: 10°30′N 3°15′W / 10.500°N 3.250°W / 10.500; -3.250

Map of Sud-Ouest Region

Sud-Ouest is one of Burkina Faso's 13 administrative regions. It was created on 2 July 2001 and had a population of 808,928 in 2006. The region's capital is Gaoua. Four provinces make up the region - Bougouriba, Ioba, Noumbiel, and Poni.

bg:Югозападен регион (Буркина Фасо) de:Sud-Ouest (Burkina Faso) es:Región Suroeste eu:Hego-mendebaldeko eskualdea fr:Sud-Ouest (Burkina Faso) gl:Rexión Sur-Oeste id:Region Sud-Ouest it:Regione del Sud-Ovest nl:Sud-Ouest (Burkina Faso) no:Sud-Ouest (Burkina Faso) pt:Região Sul-Oeste (Burkina Faso) ro:Regiunea Sud-Ouest, Burkina Faso ru:Юго-Западная область (Буркина Фасо) fi:Sud-Ouest (Burkina Faso) sv:Sud-Ouest, Burkina Faso zh:西南大區 (布基納法索)