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Suhum/Kraboa/Coaltar District
Region Eastern Region
District type Ordinary
District Chief Executive Michael Kofi Mensah
Capital Suhum
Area 971 km²
Population (2002) 166,376

The Suhum/Kraboa/Coaltar District is a district of Ghana in the Eastern Region. The district is essentially a rural district with only Suhum (the capital) being classified as an urban area. It shares boundaries with East Akim to the north, Akuapim South to the south, West Akim and Kwaebibibrem to the west and New Juaben and Akuapim North to the east. The district covers an area of 1,018 km² with a population of 188,661 (projected from 2000 census). The main occupation within the region is agriculture, which engages about 70% of the economically active population. The major sources of water supply in the district are pipe-borne water, hand-dug wells with pumps and boreholes. A few communities depend on streams and springs. Only 50% of the households have access to potable water from mechanized boreholes. The river Densu is the largest water body within the region and flows from the northern part of the district to the south.


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