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Tamanrasset Province

ولاية تمنراست
Map of Algeria highlighting Tamanrasset
Map of Algeria highlighting Tamanrasset
Country Algeria
 • Total556,200 km2 (214,800 sq mi)
 • Total198,691
 • Density0.36/km2 (0.93/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Area Code+213 (0) 29
ISO 3166 codeDZ-11

Tamanrasset or Tamanghasset (Arabic: ولاية تمنراست‎, Berber: Tamenγest Tamanrasset in Tifinagh.svg) is the largest province (wilaya) in Algeria. It was named after its province seat: Tamanrasset. The Province has two national parks, more than any other in Algeria. They are: Tassili n'Ajjer National Park and Ahaggar National Park.

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 7 districts (daïras),[2] which are further divided into 10 communes or municipalities.




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