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Tarabulus (طرابلس)
Country Libya
Capital Tripoli
Population 1,065,405 (2006) [1]
Map of Libya with Tarabulus district highlighted

Tarabulus District (Arabic: شعبية طرابلس‎, Shab'iyat Ṭarābulus, English: Tripoli District) is one of the 22 first level subdivisions (Shabiyat) of Libya. Its capital and largest city is Tripoli.

From 2001 to 2007 the Tarabulus district was smaller than formerly, including only the city of Tripoli and its immediate surroundings. In the 2007 administrative reorganization of Libya the earlier borders of the Tarabulus Baladiyah (1983–1995) were restored.


The district has a shoreline on the Mediterranean coast in the north (Gulf of Tripoli). On land it borders the following districts:


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