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{{{firstname}}} {{{lastname}}}
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This template can be preloaded via the Gadgets, alternatively, one can preload Template:Author/preload


 | firstname    = 
 | lastname     = 
 | last_initial = 
 | birthyear    = 
 | deathyear    = 
 | description  = 
 | image        = 
 | wikipedia    = 
 | wikiquote    = 
 | commons      = 
 | commonscat   = 

This template is meant to be used on author pages. Fill in any relevant information, and leave unknown or inapplicable parameters empty. Please don't remove or reorder parameters, as this makes reuse and automated maintenance more difficult.

Where possible expand all names of the author rather than limit to the initials of the author. Where an author's commonly used name uses initials, a redirect can be created from that form to the fully expanded name, eg. T. S. Eliot redirects to Thomas Stearns Eliot


(The usage example below may help understand these.)

  • Normal parameters
    • firstname, lastname: The first and family name of the author. If the order family-name given-name commonly known as the Eastern order applies, please enter the name in the parameter "lastname", for example as in the author page Sun Yat-sen.
    • last_initial: The initial letters of the last name.
    • birthdate, deathdate: The birth and death dates in numerical format (#BCE for dates before year 1). Do not use text like "circa" or "c.".
    • description: A brief description of the author. An excerpt from the Wikipedia article's introduction often works well here.
    • image: The name of the image on Wikisource or Wikicommons, excluding the 'image:' or 'file:' prefixes (Filename.ext).
    • wikipedia, wikiquote, commons, commonscat: The name of the author's Wikipedia article, Wikiquote page, or Wikicommons gallery or category.
  • Overrides (for exceptions)
    • defaultsort: Override the category sorting, which is normally "lastname, firstname".
    • dates: Override the birth and death year. birthyear and deathyear may still be supplied, and will be used for categorisation.
    • image_caption: Override the default firstname lastname
    • upright: upright = yes to the image configuration applies a 0.6 scaling factor for long images

Usage example

 | firstname    = Booker Taliaferro
 | lastname     = Washington
 | last_initial = Wa
 | birthyear    = 1856
 | deathyear    = 1915
 | description  = (Description here.)
 | image        = BookerTWashington-Cheynes.LOC.jpg
 | wikipedia    = Booker T. Washington
 | wikiquote    = Booker T. Washington
 | commons      = 
 | commonscat   = 
Booker Taliaferro Washington
Booker Taliaferro Washington was an American political leader, educator and author. He was one of the dominant figures in African American history in the United States from 1890 to 1915.
Booker Taliaferro Washington

See also

  • {{author subpage}} for subpages generated for authors
  • {{header}} for template header used in main namespace
  • {{process header}} for template header used in Wikisource: namespace

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