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This is the template for the infobox for a song article—if the song has been released as one of the A-side and B-side of a single, then Template:Infobox single should be used instead.

Unless otherwise stated here, refer to Template:Infobox single for guidelines on how to use parameters that it shares with Template:Infobox song.


"Perfect Blue Buildings"
Song by Counting Crows from the album August and Everything After
ReleasedSeptember 14, 1993 (1993-09-14)
RecordedMarch 1993, Los Angeles
GenreAlternative rock
WriterAdam Duritz
ProducerT-Bone Burnett
August and Everything After track listing
  1. "Round Here"
  2. "Omaha"
  3. "Mr. Jones"
  4. "Perfect Blue Buildings"
  5. "Anna Begins"
  6. "Time and Time Again"
  7. "Rain King"
  8. "Sullivan Street"
  9. "Ghost Train"
  10. "Raining in Baltimore"
  11. "A Murder of One"
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{{Infobox song <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
| Name           = 
| Type           = 
| Artist         = 
| alt Artist     = 
| Album          = 
| A-side         = 
| Recorded       = 
| Released       = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| Published      = 
| Genre          = 
| Language       = 
| Length         = <!-- {{Duration|m=MM|s=SS}} -->
| Writer         = 
| Composer       = 
| Label          = 
| Producer       = 
| Tracks         = 
| prev           = 
| prev_no        = 
| track_no       = 
| next           = 
| next_no        = 
| Misc           = 


This field should contain the name of the song. This field is required.
If you want to add something more descriptive than "Song" use the "Type" field.
There are two ways to create a track listing: a full listing or a partial listing. A full listing is preferred. Do not use both the full listing parameter and the partial listing parameters. (See the examples.)
  1. A full track listing is created using the Tracks field. List the tracks on the album in sequence using numbered list notation. Use links for the songs on the album that have Wikipedia articles. The name of the current song should be bold.
  2. A partial listing is created using the prev, prev_no, track_no, next, and next_no fields. Song names should be quoted. Use links for songs that have a Wikipedia article.
This field should include details on when and where the song was recorded.
This field should contain the date the song was released, using {{Start date}}. This is typically the release date of the album on which the song was released. If the song was released as the B-side of a single, specify the release date of the single.
Use {{Duration}}, thus: {{Duration|m=3|s=45}}, renders as 3:45, for 3 minutes 45 seconds


The "Perfect Blue Buildings" Infobox on this page was created using the following template. It includes a full track listing.

{{Infobox song
| Name           = Perfect Blue Buildings
| Artist         = [[Counting Crows]]
| Album          = [[August and Everything After]]
| Released       = {{Start date|1993|09|14}}
| Recorded       = March 1993, [[Los Angeles]]
| Genre          = [[Alternative rock]]
| Length         = {{Duration|m=5|s=00}}
| Writer         = [[Adam Duritz]]
| Label          = [[Geffen Records|Geffen]]
| Producer       = [[T-Bone Burnett]]
| Tracks         =
# "[[Round Here]]"
# "Omaha"
# "[[Mr. Jones (Counting Crows song)|Mr. Jones]]"
# "'''Perfect Blue Buildings'''"
# "Anna Begins"
# "Time and Time Again"
# "[[Rain King (Counting Crows song)|Rain King]]"
# "Sullivan Street"
# "Ghost Train"
# "Raining in Baltimore"
# "[[A Murder of One]]"

To create a partial track listing, omit the Tracks parameter and replace it with the prev, prev_no, track_no, next, and next_no parameters.

{{Infobox song
| Name           = Perfect Blue Buildings
| Artist         = [[Counting Crows]]
| Album          = [[August and Everything After]]
| Recorded       = March 1993, [[Los Angeles]]
| Released       = {{Start date|1993|09|14}}
| Genre          = [[Alternative rock]]
| Length         = {{Duration|m=5|s=00}}
| Writer         = [[Adam Duritz]]
| Label          = [[Geffen Records|Geffen]]
| Producer       = [[T-Bone Burnett]]
| prev           = "[[Mr. Jones (Counting Crows song)|Mr. Jones]]"
| prev_no        = 3
| track_no       = 4
| next           = "Anna Begins"
| next_no        = 5

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