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This template is intended as a metatemplate for sidebar templates (vertically-aligned navigation (navbox) templates usually positioned on the right-hand sides of pages) in the same spirit as {{Infobox}} for infobox templates and {{Navbox}} for navbox templates.

{{Sidebar with collapsible lists}} adds collapsibility to a Sidebar's sections, i.e. the means to show or hide sections by clicking links beside their headings.


Parameters with infrequent use omitted.

| name       = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| outertitle = 
| topimage   = 
| pretitle   = 
| title      = 
| image      = 

| headingstyle = 
| contentstyle = 

| heading1 = 
| content1 = 

| heading2 = 
| content2 = 

| heading3 = 
| content3 = 


| heading35 = 
| content35 = 



No parameters are required unless {{navbar}} links (V - T - E) are to appear at the bottom of the sidebar, in which case the |name= parameter is needed (see entry in the table immediately below).


Parameter Explanation
name= The sidebar's name, i.e., the name following "Template:" in the page's name. Required for the {{navbar}} links at the bottom of the sidebar to function correctly, unless these are omitted (see |navbar= at the bottom of this table). It is recommended to use {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this field.
outertitle= Use to place a title for the sidebar immediately above the sidebar.
topimage= title= included.

Full wikisyntax expected (i.e., [[File:...]]).
To add a caption below the image, use |topcaption=.

pretitle= Use to place a line such as "Part of the X series on" before the title.
title= topimage=, if used).
image= title= (if used) and first section.

As with |topimage=, full wikisyntax expected (i.e., [[File:...]]).
To add a caption below the image, use |caption=.

headingstyle= Use to alter the default CSS styling set for section headings.

To alter the CSS styling for a specific section's heading, use |headingnstyle=, where n is the number of the section.

contentstyle= Use to alter the default CSS styling set for section content.

To alter the CSS styling for a particular section's content, use |contentnstyle=, where n is the number of the section.

heading1= First section's heading (if needed).
content1= First section's content (required).
heading2= Second section's heading (if needed).
content2= Second section's content (if needed).
heading3= Third section's heading (if needed).
content3= Third section's content (if needed).
...... etc ......
heading35= Currently, the last possible section heading and/or content (if needed).

Other parameters

Parameter Explanation
above= above= offered by {{Navbox}}.
  • |bodyclass= (or |class=)
  • |outertitleclass=
  • |topimageclass=
  • |pretitleclass=
  • |titleclass=
  • |imageclass=
  • |aboveclass=
  • |headingclass=
  • |contentclass=
  • |belowclass=

Microformat classes for the corresponding parameters.
(|bodyclass= (or |class=) applies to the sidebar as a whole.)

below= Use to, e.g., add one or more portal links to the bottom of the template (by default in bold).
  • |bodystyle= (or |style=)
  • |outertitlestyle=
  • |topimagestyle=
  • |topcaptionstyle=
  • |pretitlestyle=
  • |titlestyle=
  • |imagestyle=
  • |captionstyle=
  • |abovestyle=
  • |headingstyle=
  • |headingnstyle=
  • |contentstyle=
  • |contentnstyle=
  • |belowstyle=
  • |navbarstyle= (or |tnavbarstyle=)

Use to alter default CSS styling for the corresponding parameters.
(|bodystyle= (or |style=) applies to the sidebar as a whole.)

cellspacing= Use to amend the default cellspacing set for the infobox-class table with which the sidebar is built.
cellpadding= Ditto the default cellpadding.
navbar= (or |tnavbar=) Set to "none" (without the quotes) to remove the {{navbar}} links appearing at the bottom of the sidebar.
navbarfontstyle= (or |tnavbarfontstyle=) Use to specify the font style used by the navbar at the bottom of the sidebar (see {{navbar}} for options available).

Handling long links

{{Normalwraplink}} may be used to handle links that should wrap within the sidebar or otherwise need to be made to wrap in order to prevent the sidebar becoming too wide. Use {{Normalwraplink|longlinkname}}, where |longlinkname is the long link without its square brackets.

Use the |wraplinks=true parameter to turn link wrapping off for the whole template.

Full blank syntax

(omitting sections 4 to penultimate)

| name        = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| bodyclass   = <!--or class-->
| bodystyle   = <!--or style-->
| width       = 
| cellspacing = 
| cellpadding = 

| outertitle      = 
| outertitleclass = 
| outertitlestyle = 

| topimage        = 
| topimageclass   = 
| topimagestyle   = 
| topcaption      = 
| topcaptionstyle = 

| pretitle      = 
| pretitleclass = 
| pretitlestyle = 
| title         = 
| titleclass    = 

| image        = 
| imageclass   = 
| imagestyle   = 
| caption      = 
| captionstyle = 

| above      = 
| aboveclass = 
| abovestyle = 

| headingclass = 
| headingstyle = 
| contentclass = 
| contentstyle = 

| heading1style = 
| heading1      = 
| content1style = 
| content1      = 

| heading2style = 
| heading2      = 
| content2style = 
| content2      = 

| heading3style = 
| heading3      = 
| content3style = 
| content3      = 


| heading35style = 
| heading35      = 
| content35style = 
| content35      = 

| below      = 
| belowclass = 
| belowstyle = 

| navbar          = <!--or tnavbar-->
| navbarstyle     = <!--or tnavbarstyle-->
| navbarfontstyle = <!--or tnavbarfontstyle-->

| wraplinks = true/false

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