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His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega said that they do not call ministers to Black Supremacy banquets for ministers are not working for him they are following Adam Abraham Anglo-Saxon the leper. Legislators said one man cannot serve two masters.

Adam Abraham the leper is boss for ministers and lawyers because all they teach and preach about is Adam-Eve and Abraham the leper. For they do not see one book in the Bible written by Adam and Eve or the book of Abraham or book of Isaac. According to the clearness of this case there is nobody name Adam Eve and Abraham.

If you ever touch the slave papers they catch you sure as His Majesty Ras Tafari lives. The officers and soldiers at camp that have power and influence are well posted by King Alpha the King of Kings, their names you will not know. Legislators said one man cannot serve two masters. Ministers say they can't work with Adam and Eve and work for King Alpha and Queen Omega the same time. Abraham the historian said despise the both of them; lawyers said you got to find fault with them, the judges said leave the Alpha and Omega out, because they are black and skin for skin.