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The Ethiopian Question is this: The continent of Ethiopia is that national. She is that rich national woman that has charmed the men of nations to be with her.

After a time when they all have lived and cohabited with her they all broke her down and left her and persecuted her.

That is just how all nations manage to soak through the Ethiopian woman of prosperity. She had too much sympathy for the perishing nations whose lives are riotously lived until this day.

Slave traders went into Ethiopia and damaged her seeds, beyond any earthly cure. Because she had too much sympathy for willful idlers of various nations. They went into her robbed her lands, money and took her seeds to be slaves.

Today she and her children have no power in her own land, or abroad. All that Ethiopians have to do now, is build anew. Get out a new dictionary and a new Bible, and a new Board of Education and Money Mint. The outfit shall be called Black supremacy; signed by His and Her Majesty Ras Tafari and Queen omega the King of Kings, head of this world.

The lesson learnt by slave traders through Black Histories is well preserved. We have given our blood, souls, bodies and spirits to redeem Adam Abraham Anglo Saxon the white A. D. second score at his astonishing stop. He is still infested with indomitable, incurable, accursed, deadly disease. We have given him access to the tree of life, we gave him the Garden of Eden, we gave him Egypt, we gave them Daniel and the body of the Black Virgin, the mother of Jesus and they took Joseph also.

We gave ourselves to be slaves for hundred of years. We gave up King Alpha and Queen Omega the first and the last. Now we are disgusted with them, we wash our hands of them for life.