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Black Supremacy has taken charge of white supremacy by King Alpha and Queen Omega the King of Kings. Instead of saying Civilization hereafter we all shall say Black Supremacy. Just takes this drench of indomitable fury and move for the Church triumphant right from the bridge of supreme authority.

Black Supremacy will promote the mortals of every shade according to our powers to go. The Black Museum will be opened day and night for life. Education will be free and compulsory to all mortal beings, if you are not an enemy of black Supremacy,

Man and women can marry right in School if you are of a respectable proportion of dignity. Black must not marry white nor white black, race enmity.

Always be a respectful diplomat, always give an intelligent reply to every person that approach or write you on any subject always ask for the full value inside the nature of any written subject. Do not put your quick judgment on any person confidence is quick to move, just what the people are that is just the state of your government. Do not follow the Court House and Doctors they will fake you to death. Do not marry any divorced person it is a curse, stick to your own wife and husband.

Do not watch and peep your wife or husband, you are only digging a grave for yourself. Do not try to make your wife or husband or family feel small because you have got more college filth in your head, hold them up, they are the cause of you being what you are. I know thousands of college hogs and dogs, professional swine's; also some very fine people.