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The King of Kings of creation the first and last said "Blessed are they that searcheth the deep things on the tree of life for His wisdom is deep and is past all finding out."

Thus said the living God and owner of life, to overcome white bondage and filth and black hypocrisy amongst your own black skin you have to fast hard or the white man is very filthy and the black man is an hypocrite and hypocrite means a crook, a filthy man that class of white folks who cut with the crook they are called Black-White.

Always have a basin of fine or coarse salt on your fast table as long as God is your ruler. When you break your fast do not throw the water over your heads the trouble will fall on you. When you are all ready with your cup in hand the Elder will ask is it all well with thee, everybody shall say together all is well with me Then the Elder shall ask again "Who will bear a true witness for the Tree of Life?" All shall say by the Living God will God help me for life, and the leader shall say follow me with your cup of trouble to the burying place of sin and shame.

Then everybody walk quietly and respectfully throw away the water, then come in and wash your hands and face and be happy feeling satisfied and revived and lovely. House to house fasting is very powerful, it lifts the work and removes devils from homes of those in distress. Once a week for the general assembly is all right. A love feast every three or six months is needed.