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His Majesty Ras Tafari alone with his bona-fide Lion hearted wife Queen Omega King of Kings, most Living and Eternal, and Ever Living Sovereign owner of Life, the Biblical Sovereign of this World.

His Majesty Ras Tafari the Bible Owner of Holy Times denounced the Bible Militant also the Militant Dictionary. And take off the Black man, his posterity's from off the Anglo Militant Slave Train at Nationality and planted the Church Triumphant.

The Black Supremacy on triumphant soil the world's capital the new Bible Land, the isles of Springs the same country that the Anarchy called Jamaica British West Indies. Black Supremacy's greatest men and women are sub-ways and air masters of every shade, they sleep in bed and eat with you, and you do not know what triggers your life and destiny is on the Gods of laws are my students said the King of Kings, the air you are breathing this minute is for King Ras Tafari. The barbed wire eternity is his; the brimstone is his. I want you to know that the firmament is his. When He speaks to her she obeys His Royal Voice, His and Her Majesty Ras Tafari and Queen Omega and we the Black People that is King Alpha and Queen Omega seeds will be here in gross prosperity as soon as the Anglo Saxon white peoples all die out if you please.

King Alpha and Queen Omega are the typesetters for time and eternity if you please. The keeper of the tree of life, owner of the Zodiac, owner of this earth; they are the Ethiopian Kingdom owner, if you please. Adam Abraham Anglo-Saxon the leper has no place in this earth if you please