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THE HEALING The healing plough of the repository transplanted and rebuilds our very soul and body without fail. The misery of the land is healed by fasting. King Alpha picks us up from out of the midst of the raging misery of the land and hides us from the raging wolves of the land into our Balm Yard. What is a Balm Yard? A Balm Yard is a Holy place that is wholly consecrated to God Almighty for the cleansing and healing of the nations. Where only the Holy Spirit of God alone is allowed to do the Royal work of healing. Who does the balming work? Consecrated men and women that the Holy Spirit moves upon the blazing altar of their soul and endowed them with power that they command and handle the infirmities of the nations.

Have we any authority from King Alpha? Yes we are vessels of the divine honor. Have we any authority from the world? Assuredly yes indeed, King Alpha signs for our destiny and gave us His Supreme Affidavit a trillion centuries after the end of eternal life.