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1. THIS I allow not in the earth or heaven, at sacrifice or in these holy duties.
     May the huge mountains crush him down: degraded be Atiyaja's sacrificing patron.
2. Or he who holds us in contempt, O Maruts, or seeks to blame the prayer that we are making,
     May agonies of burning be his portion. May the sky scorch the man who hates devotion.
3. Why then, O Soma, do they call thee keeper of prayer? Why then our guardian from reproaches?
     Why then beholdest thou how men revile us? Cast thy hot dart at him who hates devotion.
4. May Mornings as they spring to life, protect me, and may the Rivers as they swell preserve me.
     My guardians be the firmly-seated mountains: the Fathers, when I call on Gods, defend me!
5. Through all our days may we be healthy. minded, and look upon the Sun when he arises.
     Grant this the Treasure-Lord of treasures, coming, observant, oftenest of Gods, with succour!
6. Most near, most oft comes Indra with protection, and she Sarasvati, who swells with rivers -
     Parjanya, bringing health with herbs, and Agni, well lauded swift to listen, like a father.
7. Hear this mine invocation; come hither, O Universal Gods,
     Be seated on this holy grass.
8. To him who comes to meet you, Gods, with offerings bathed in holy oil-
     Approach ye, one and all, to him.
9. All Sons of Immortality shall listen to the songs we sing,
     And be exceeding good to us.
10. May all the Gods who strengthen Law, with Rtus, listening to our call,
     Be pleased with theit appropriate draught.
11. May 1ndra, with the Marut host, with Tvastar, Mitra, Aryaman,
     Accept the laud and these our gifts.
12. O Agni, Priest, as rules ordain, offer this sacrifice of ours,
     Remembering the Heavenly Folk.
13. Listen, All-Gods, to this mine invocation, Ye who inhabit heaven, and air's midregions,
     All ye, O Holy Ones, whose tongue is Agni, seated upon this sacred grass, be joyful.
14. May the All-Gods who claim our worship hear my thought; may the two World-halves hear it, and the Waters' Child.
     Let me not utter words that ye may disregard. Closely allied with you may we rejoice in bliss.
15. And those who, Mighty, with the wiles of serpents, were born on earth, in heaven, where waters gather-
     May they vouchsafe us life of full duration. May the Gods kindly give us nights and mornings.
16. At this my call, O Agni and Parjanya, help, swift to hear, my thought and our laudation.
     One generates holy food, the other offspring, so grant us food enough with store of children.
17. When holy grass is strewn and fire enkindled, with hymn and lowly homage I invite you.
     All-Gods, to day in this our great assembly rejoice, ye Holy, in the gifts we offer.