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Trou-du-Nord (Creole: Twou dinò) is an arrondissement in the Nord-Est Department of Haiti. It has 86,586 inhabitants[1]. Postal codes in the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement start with the number 23.

The arondissement consists of the following municipalities:


  1. Institut Haïtien de Statistique et d'Informatique (IHSI), 7 August 2003.

Coordinates: 19°38′00″N 72°01′00″E / 19.6333°N 72.0167°E / 19.6333; 72.0167

fr:Arrondissement de Trou-du-Nord it:Arrondissement di Trou-du-Nord ht:Twou dinò (awondisman) nl:Trou-du-Nord (arrondissement) ja:トゥウ・ディノー郡 pt:Trou du Nord (arrondissement)