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Tshopo is a province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the country's constitution of 2005. It consists of a part of former Orientale Province.


It is situated north-east of the country on the Tshopo River, for which it is named.


From 1963-1966, the area was constituted as the province of Haut-Congo. It was remerged into Orientale, Congo in 1966 as, separately, the district of Tshopo and the city of Kisangani.


Heads of government

First province

Presidents, later governors, of Haut-Congo
  • Jun 1963 - 26 Jun 1963 Georges Grenfell (b. 1908)
  • 26 Jun 1963 - 1964 Paul Isombuma
  • 1964 - Aug 1964 François Aradjabu
  • Aug 1964 - 5 Nov 1966 Jean Marie Alamazani

Tshopo District



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