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Tuff Gong
FounderBob Marley
Distributor(s)Island Records
Country of originJamaica/United Kingdom/United States
Official Website

Tuff Gong is a record label that was formed by the reggae group The Wailers in 1965 and named after Bob Marley's nickname, which was in turn an echo of that given to founder of the Rastafari movement, Leonard "The Gong" Howell. The first single on the label was "Run For Cover" by The Wailers. After 1973, the Tuff Gong headquarters was located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston, JamaicaBob Marley's home. The location is now home to the Bob Marley Museum.

In Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto IV, Tuff Gong is featured as one of the many radio stations. The station is dedicated to playing songs associated with Bob Marley, including tracks by his sons Stephen and Damian, who is also known as Jr. Gong.

The Tuff Gong label is distributed by Universal Music through Island Records.

Clothing line

It is also the name of a clothing line run by one of the late musician's children, Rohan Marley.

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