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UTC+04:51 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +04:51. This was used as Bombay time until 1955 when it closed the gap of 39 minutes behind Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30).

af:UTC+04:51 az:UTC+04:51 be:UTC+4:51 be-x-old:UTC+4:51 bg:UTC+4:51 fa:یوتی‌سی ۴:۵۱+ fr:Heure de Bombay ko:UTC+04:51 hr:UTC+4:51 id:UTC+4:51 it:Ora di Bombay ku:UTC+4:51 mk:UTC+4:51 ms:UTC+4:51 nl:UTC+4:51 ja:UTC+4:51 no:UTC+04:51 pl:UTC+4:51 pt:UTC+4:51 ro:Ora de Bombay ru:UTC+4:51 sr:UTC+4:51 sh:UTC+4:51 uk:UTC+4:51 vi:UTC+4:51 zh:UTC+4:51