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Thanks for joining us. I cant wait to learn that which you will bring to the community. Kofi Djehuti 18:20, 17 September 2010 (MST)


Much appreciated, and I look forward to being a major contributor to the advancement of this great site. The need for a resource center dedicated to the Awakening of the Black Mind, by presenting Our History and Realities through an Afu-Ra-Kan Consciousness, goes without saying. Keep receptive of the Frequency for new entries. Sema Ta'wi m Khem.. The Educator

redirect tag

I edited the helenized page. there is a wiki code that causes people to be automatically redirected when they click it. it uses the following code.
#REDIRECT [[Hellenic]]
Hellenized also, if you end your "talk" posts(like what we doing right now) with 4 squiggly lines ~~~~ it will leave your signature

Kofi Djehuti 17:07, 20 September 2010 (MST)


I saw it, and I definitely appreciate the help with the intricacies. As said before, I am not too familiar with the wikicodes, but I am definitely learning from tips you give as I go. I just did a few more edits and corrections, so the pages should run a little more smoothly. Hatep.. TStheEducator 19:02, 20 September 2010 (MST)


when you use the <ref> tag you wanna end the artile wit <references/> this way you dont get the big red error as seen below like on ur Heru-em-Akhut article

I am having a hangup figuring this one out. If you do not mind, would you give a full example of how to set up a reference tag.. from an example in an article to the <references/> you speak of at the end? Shalem..

-Got it figured out. As always.. the tips and help are appreciated. This site is going to create a very serious, necessary and Powerful paradigm shift in the Thinking and Education of Our People. Skhm nu Khemenu..

linking videos

I don't know if you realized it or not, but you can directly link videos like below:



Shaluwam.. I did not know that, but it will be helpful. There is a video about the origin of Heru-em-Akhut I would like to add..TStheEducator 17:38, 22 September 2010 (MST)

pronoun case

I thought it was a good idea to leave the European and other enemies of Afrika in lower case, so feel free to change any case that you find improper site wide. there are a lot of mention of enemies all over the place so go crazy. remember to be careful with links though, if you are going to change page links don't forget to put a redirect there. I'll be doing the same. Peace Kofi Djehuti 17:25, 24 September 2010 (MST)

sitewide vote

so far you and me are the only ones creating articles, so basically that means that our reward for being early Afrapediasts is that we get to build the original framework, and culture of Afropedia, feel me? there is only a small window where this is avalable because after we hit a critial mass of articles people are going to be trying to join us left and right. so for now the sidewide vote was done and the vote was unanimous yay. The other members haven't really been making any articles so they don't get a vote.
Special:ActiveUsers <---- this is a list of all the active member
Special:ListUsers <----- this is a list of all the members.


aight can't wait to see it. don't lose all your work because you forgot to save it!


aight brotha man, thanks for checkin in. I been working on ghana-related articles all weekend

Dr Diop

of course! he's one of my favorite scholar warriors. I have many of his english books

nile valley people template the above is a template that organizes. importantant figures in the nile valley. just by putting the following code at the end of the article. {{Great Khemetan}}

Great Figures in Nile Valley History
Ancient Nile Valley Officials and Elders
Imhotep · Weni · Sobeknakht II · Ahmose-Ebana · Ineni · Senenmut · Rekhmire · Yuya · Amenhotep, son of Hapu  · Maya · Yuny · Bay · Manetho · Pothinus · Tetisheri · Ahhotep I · Ahmose Nefertari · Ahmose · Tiye · Nefertiti · Ankhesenamen · Nefertari · Mark Antony
Nile Valley Neteru & Ancestors
Ra · Djehuti · Heru · Ma'at · Amun
Early Dynastic Period of Khemt rulers
Narmer · Menes · Hor-Aha · Djer · Khasekhemwy
Old Kingdom rulers
Djoser · Sneferu · Khufu · Djedefre · Khafra · Menkaura · Sahure · Pepi II
Middle Kingdom of Khemt rulers
Mentuhotep II · Amenemhat I · Senusret I · Senusret III · Amenemhat III · Sobekneferu
Second Intermediate Period rulers
Khendjer · Neferhotep I · Sobekhotep IV · Merneferre Ay · Nebiriau I · Apophis · Sobekemsaf II · Intef VII · Seqenenre · Kamose
New Kingdom rulers
Ahmose I · Hatshepsut · Thutmose III · Amenhotep II · Amenhotep III · Akhenaten · Tutankhamun · Seti I · Ramesses II · Ramesses III
Third Intermediate Period of Khemt rulers
Psusennes I · Siamun · Shoshenq I · Osorkon II · Shoshenq III · Osorkon III · Piye · Tefnakht · Shabaka · Taharqa
Third Intermediate Period of Khemt rulers
Psusennes I · Siamun · Shoshenq I · Osorkon II · Shoshenq III · Osorkon III · Piye · Tefnakht · Shabaka · Taharqa