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War In America
AuthorImari Abubakari Obadele
GenrePolitical Non-fiction
PublisherMalcolm X Society
Publication date
January 1, 1968

War in America was written in 1968, but it was based on a document called War!, written a year and a half[1]before the founding of the Republic of New Afrika. The pre-RNA discussions in War!, revolve around the strategies and tactics Black americans should take to acquire power in United States. Since the original work predates the RNA, many of the strategies involve Black people working through the governmental system to acquire power. In the introduction, Obadele says that the founding of the RNA and this revision make the the approach in the writing of War obsolete.


The first chapter of War in America makes it clear that there will be no Black independence without great violence. Obadele states that the struggle for freedom in America has been violence from the earliest record, in 1526 in South Carolina[2], and lasted through the civil war. The Black struggle for freedom was violent, not because Black people wanted to be violent, but because the dominant white society employed violence as their "primary instrument of control over the Black man"


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