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CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionBrong Ahafo Region
DistrictWenchi Municipal District
 • Total31,411

Wenchi,is a town in Ghana located at 7.73333 [latitude in decimal degrees], -2.1 [longitude in decimal degrees] at an elevation/altitude of meters. The average elevation of Wenchi, Ghana is 304 meters. Also located approximately 30 km north of Techiman on the Wa road, and about 50 km east of the Cote d'Ivoire border. The population is fairly evenly divided between Christians and Muslims. Wenchi serves as capital of the Wenchi Municipal District.




Politics and government

Wenchi is the home of Dr. Busia, former prime minister of Ghana, who is buried here.


Wenchi is connected by road to Techiman, Wa, Sunyani and its airport.[1] The town is not yet serviced by the Ghana Railway Corporation, but it has been proposed that a line be extended there.



Wenchi celebrates the annual Apoo festival in April/May. During the Apoo festival men dress up as women and vice versa. Other festival participants paint themselves white. Apoo allows open expression of opinion without any consequences. Local and national authorities are confronted with the views of the simple people. Especially cases of corruption are denounced. On the other hand reconciliation stands central: family disputes are settled preferably during Apoo. The climax of the Apoo is the durbar of the king (Omanhene) through the city.

In August the annual Yam festival takes place. It marks the end of the first rainy season and harvesting of the yam in the region of Wenchi and Techiman


The people of Wenchi are sports fanatics; many people follow several different teams foreign and local.

Current Teams are Wenchiman a second division side in the Ghana League and Unity Sporting Club a charitable sports academy, Unity Sporting also participate in the second division of the Ghana League


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