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The Western Region was a subdivision of the federation of Nigeria until 1967. Its capital was at Ibadan.

It was established in the 1930s under British rule as a subdivision of the Southern Nigeria colony. Upon independence of Nigeria in 1960, it became one of the members of the federation, along with the Eastern Region and the Northern Region.

In 1963, two provinces Benin and Delta were split from the region to form the new Mid-Western Region.

In 1967 the regions were abolished and the area was subdivided into Lagos and Western states, which would also later be subdivided.

President of the House of Chiefs
Name Period
Alhaji Haruna, CMG, Emir of Gwandu ? - ?
Speakers of the House of Assembly
Name Period
Richard Doherty 1954 - ?
Alhaji Umaru Gwandu ? - ?

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ja:西部州 (ナイジェリア) pt:Região Oeste da Nigéria yo:Agbègbè Apáìwọ̀òrùn Nàìjíríà