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Map of Angola with the province highlighted

One of the 18 provinces of Angola. It occupies 40,130 square kilometres in the north west of the country and has a population of approximately 600,000. It has a tropical climate. M'Banza Kongo, formerly São Salvador, is the capital of the province.


Cities and Towns


  • Oil
  • Mining: asphalt, iron, phosphates, lead, zinc
  • Agriculture: cashew nuts, cassava, castor-oil, citrus fruits, coffee, massambala, palm oil, pineapples, peanuts, rice, soybeans, sweet potatoes
  • Cattle farming
  • Fishing
  • Production of construction materials

Coordinates: 6°16′S 14°14′E / 6.267°S 14.233°E / -6.267; 14.233

af:Zaire-provinsie bg:Зайре ca:Zaire (província d'Angola) da:Zaire (provins) de:Zaire (Provinz) es:Provincia de Zaire eo:Provinco Zaire fr:Zaïre (province) id:Provinsi Zaire it:Provincia dello Zaire sw:Zaire (mkoa) kg:Nzadi (kizunga) lt:Zairo provincija nl:Zaire (provincie) ja:ザイーレ州 no:Zaire (provins) pl:Prowincja Zaire pt:Zaire (província) ro:Provincia Zaire ru:Заире fi:Zairen maakunta sv:Zaire (provins) tg:Вилояти Зайир vi:Zaire (tỉnh) war:Zaire (lalawigan) zh:薩伊省