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(Adjective) 1. Color:

  • A color that along with white and grey constitute a set of colors that are devoid of hue. This means it is without intensity occupying the lowest, neutral place on the intensity scale and is a neutral color that serves to enhance adjacent colors. Because it is neutral its extremely malleable, taking on the complementary properties of neighboring colors. [1]


  • A black pigment or dye; especially one consisting of Carbon. [2]
  • Starting from around the late 70’s, peoples categorized as black where man, woman and child with 1/16th of Afrikan decent blood or genetics or more. This was a category that was implemented by the european, in order to further label and separate from the oppressed. Ex: Black People; A Black Person.
  • The achromatic color of least lightness characteristically perceived to belong to objects that neither reflect nor transmit light[3]
  • Total or nearly total absence of light[4]


  • To make something black.
  • A Cooking procedure that makes food spicy.


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