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Race as a social construct has been recited to Black people countless times in an attempt to quiet those of us who see problems and desire to solve them. Indeed, race is a social construct, but so is any type of delineation that we people have made to label and/or discuss the differences between things. Dog breeds, alligators & crocodiles, varieties of oranges, can all be flattened into one type of thing. Still, don't say a navel orange and a blood orange are the same thing. We don't say an Egyptian Mau and an Abbysinan are the same. We don't say a poodle and a labradoodle are the same, why? because they look different, behave differently and respond differently to stimuli. Race may be a social construct, but like orange breeds, cat and dog breeds, being a social construct doesn't make something not real. A great many Black thinkers that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across have common interest of improving once and for all, the desperate condition of Black people in general. What most, if not all lack in common, however, is the inability to succinctly determine, describe or delineate what a Black person is. If one was to ask a person what makes a person Black there will be as many answers as there are people who answer the question. Some will say “to be Black, one has to have at least one Black ancestor” others will say, “everyone on earth descends from the original Black family, and only through mutation have they become non-black” and others still will say “To be Black, a person has to look Black”. That last one is the only one I can even get close to accepting. The other two answers will leave the Black race with people such as Paris Jackson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, and Charles Drew. The problem with accepting such people as Black is that the tens of millions of obviously non-black people who look like them will have to be accepted as Black too. There’s absolutely no way that Unambiguously Black people as a group can stay unambiguously Black with such a categorizing error. As it stands, the less Black a person looks, the higher their quality of life, and thus the more likely they are to procreate and create functional families and subsequently functional adults.

These Great Black Thinkers have failed to grasp a logical reality of the races of man on Earth. Similar to if one asks what a Black person is, if asked to name the races on earth, most thinkers will have wildly diverging answers. The only logical answer to that question is ‘2’. There are only 2 races on earth . Black and non-Black. A cursory glance at the human condition will reveal that truth. Across the globe

I theorize that this isn’t the first time in history that a Black group has been faced with a soft genocide in the way that is happening to Black people today. It’s happened before in North Africa, the Pacific Islands, and elsewhere, and I hope to expand on that in a future paper.

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