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Loving Black Family

Today I wanted to discuss a show that used to come on TV and is decent. Decency is rarely seen today. The program is called Roc, and it came on in the early 90's. The show revolves around 4 main people. Roc, a Baltimore sanitation worker, his wife Eleanor, who works in a hospital, his father, and Eleanor's brother. Its nice because it shows a family that loves oneanother, struggling through Black life in America. They have their ups and downs but it usually ends in some heartwarming uplifting scene. There are times where it the show ends on a depressing note, but that's black life too.

Now, I really don't like the tel-lies-to-vision, and have not had cable for many years now. I do think that its an awesome invention, and if used properly, can program minds of people, from youth to elders to be very positive. Often times, we as People live in worlds of Black and White, Positive and Negative, right and wrong, and TV, if used correctly can fit in one of those grey areas.

Imagine raising a child, homeschooling them, and having a vicegrip on the images they see (and don't see) controling what they're exposed to and not. As it stands the American Broadcasting folks control all the images people see, and are directing them to be self centered consumerists, and if they're white, add racist to that. I suspect that if we, as parents have more control over what our children see, we might raise healthier children


  • Shows Black people in good light, greatly contrasted to many of the bad images of Black people on TV.
  • Shows Black people loving eachother, and very little fighting.
  • Shows Black people helping family members who needs it.
  • Doesn't show many non-black people. Thats always good as far as.


  • So far, as I've seen only season 1, I don't think they have any children.
  • Roc's character seems a little feebleminded, but lovable. Not a good character trait.
  • They never seem to get any headway with their money struggles. Hopefully they do at the end..

Overall I recomend this. If people are trying to build a home network and cut out the middle cable man, this show should be added to the queue. Overall I give it 3.5/5 Ankhs. Ankhrating.jpg Ankhrating.jpg Ankhrating.jpg 1half.jpg


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Anonymous user #1

77 months ago
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77 months ago
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The little brother Joey is the Roc's brother, not Eleanor's brother (her brother-in-law). I'm from Baltimore, MD & when this show came out, I watched it faithfully being that Charles Dutton is from Baltimore,a.k.a B-More.

Anonymous user #1

76 months ago
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1 more detriment to add they introduced Richard Roundtree as Roc's gay uncle & he married a white guy @ their house. Completely unexpected from the man who played Shaft.
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