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A couple Black children watching the tele

Often times we as parents, and indeed as Black people tend to live in all or nothing, black or white worlds. That's not always the best place to raise children in though. While the Tell-Lie-Vision programming often has extremely negative effects, its only a tool. Far too much we allow our enemies to use it against us. Below are a few shows that can be used to weaponize that tool for Black Power.

Tinga Tinga Tales of Africa

Tinga Tinga Tales.png

Tinga Tinga is a series of stories that takes place in the colorful African Savannah. Each episode is meant to teach children write from wrong, and consequences of incorrect actions. One example is the story of how Tortoise got his rough shell. As it goes, he used to have a very smooth shell, and be very fast moving. One day the animals started talking about a feast in the sky along with being fast, Tortoise was also somewhat greedy. He convinced the birds to give him feathers so he could show them the way to the feast in the sky. They all agreed and together they flew to the feast. Eventually Tortoise left them and commenced to eating all the food. When the rest of the birds found out, they took the feathers back and left him in the clouds. Eventually he dropped and when he hit the ground, his shell broke. The monkeys worked to put it back together, but it was never smooth again. Tortoise promised to take his time, and think about other people's feelings from then on.

What Children learn

  • Swahili words (my daughter wakes up every morning saying Jambo Daddy, Jambo Mommy!)
  • African Fables
  • What Africa looks like
  • How to be decent
  • Panafricanism through the animal voices. The accents of all the animals come from all over the African world (Jamaica, South USA, Britain, Kenya, Nigera, South Africa)

Other notes on the show I'm big on media that shows either mostly Black people or only Black people. Since there's very few programs that meet this criteria, I often settle for animals. This show has NO humans in it and therefor I'm happy. There's a lot of singing, a lot of colors, and animals that do bad suffer in the end. Bad can mean hurting the environment, lying, hurting other animals(for no reason) and other negatives. Animals still eat each other, but that's sanctioned because animals have to eat. It's not violent at all, and is rarely shown, but sometime one will see a small animal being eating.

Rating I give this series 5/5 Ankhs. This show is all good. No negatives that I could see

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