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The Meditteranean Sea is a sea that borders the Atlantic Ocean to its West and Asia to its East. It's North is Europe and the South is the continent of Afrika. The isthmus of the Strait of Gibraltar offers the Mediterrean acess to the Americas. The Suez Canal was constructured in 1890 to provide a new shipping lane that would cut time and distance for the Mediterranean countries to the wider world. It is most known for rising up Ancient Rome and Greece and being the birthplace of Western civilization. For centuries people have traversed the Mediterranean beginning with ancient Afrikans some thousands of years ago.

The Mediterranean is unique for containing several seas within a wider sea. The Adriatic Sea that borders Italy, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. The Sea of Marmara in Turkey that connects the European and Asian sides of Anatolia. The Tyrennian Sea, Ionian Sea, Aegean, Baleric, Ligurian and the less known Alboran are all open seas that connect to the wider Mediterranean. There are several basins as well, Levantine, Algerian, Tyrennhian, Ionian, Baleric, Alboran. The Gulf of Trieste in Italy, Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia and Gulf of Sidra in Libya also face the Mediterranean.

"Mediterranean Diet"

The sea's fame after civilization is heaving the mediterranean diet regarded in the West as the healthiest diet which includes olive oil, tomatoes, fresh sea foods, vegetables and light dishes instead of heavier meats or breads.


Millions of migrants from across Afrika ie West, East and North Afrika have been smuggled onto boats from Libya and Tunisia following the 2011 revolutions and civil wars in the respective countries. Many Afrikans leave their countries even the safer countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, the Gambia, Ethiopia and Eritrea to seek economic opportunities abroad in European countries or to reunite with long distance family members. Most notably, 2015 was the busiest year for the number of migrant dinghies and boats across the Mediterranean from North Afrika. Some 4,000 migrants have drained attempting to reach Europe. Many migrants continue to reach Libya, Morocco and Tunisia in hopes of reaching Europe. Migrants often time bring their families.