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1 In the Name of Allah who came in the person of Master W.F. Muhammad to whom praises are due forever, the Finder and Lifegiver to us, the so-called Negroes, who have been lost from our own Nation, God and religion for the past 400 years.

2 The teachings on the significance of the American Flag and the Islamic flag were given to me by Master W.F. Muhammad (Allah-God in Person). The meanings are essential in teaching a people who have become spiritually or mentally dead. These two flags represent the emblems of the two great religious forces and religion and government can be read in the science of this flag.

3 Of course, the great cross is the sign or emblem of the Christian religion. The flag of this country is designed for and according to the wishes of those who are called Christians.

4 There is a much broader science or significance when it comes to the flag of Islam. Here, the flag of Islam is the recognized emblem of both the government and the religion, while the American flag, according to their teaching, stands more for the people and their conquering power or bravery than for religion. On the other hand, the science of the Islamic flag does not come under the spirit of conquering and bravery.

5 The nature of its science is the greatness of the unlimited wisdom of its designer, the great source of goodness for all that is under and in the flag of Islam; the freedom, the justice, the equality that is freely exercised by both believer and non-believer under the flag of Islam, which is revealed for the sole purpose of teaching the great unlimited source of mercy and love that the Designer has for His creatures.

6 They all enjoy equally the natural benefits of the Sun, Moon and Stars (the Islamic flag), which are essential for our existence regardless of religious beliefs.

7 To lead the American so-called Negroes back into their own religion of Islam they must know how strong and powerful the religion of Islam is while they are now under the emblem (cross and flag) of religion of the citizens and owners (white) of the United States of America.

8 The religion, Christianity, and the true history and science of their flag must be taught to the American so-called Negroes before they can see their way in returning to their own God and religion to become an independent people.

9 I do not see why the southern white citizens of America and Louisiana are trying to make it a crime to teach the meaning of these two flags, when they know how necessary it is. Any person who is a citizen of any country should have a thorough knowledge of the flag which he claims to be his own and that he is willing to give his life to maintain.

10 I have heard it said that we teach that under the flag of America we receive suffering, slavery and finally death. Why, this is true as the existence of the American flag on our part, according to their own history written concerning our welfare under their flag. Today, the government is trying to force the recognition of the so-called Negroes equally with the true white citizens of America. This the South objects to, which makes it again abundantly true that the poor once slaves have actually suffered slavery and death under the stars and stripes of America and numerous other cruelties and death which hardly be put into writing.

11 Just why does the South want to make it a crime for her so-called freed slaves to say they have suffered slavery and death under the American flag? Why does the South want to twist it and claim that it is to "excite war and the taking of America by force" when the so-called freed slaves are yet shackled and tied to their power, which makes it impossible for them to take America by force.

12 This is absolutely a willful and knowingly false charge made for the purpose of inciting more hatred and more abuses and more deaths for the once slaves of America. The abundantly clear signs of freedom, justice and equality that await the converts to the religion of Islam must also have something to do with the anger and false charges and the ignoring of their own law of justice in the South when it comes to the so-called Negroes.

13 The teaching of the true history of the so-called Negroes under the American flag is a crime in the state of Louisiana and is not a crime in Michigan, Illinois, New York and other states of the Union; the Federal Government should be the sole judge and the only independent and rightful party to say whether it is a crime or not. If the Federal government allows Louisiana to send so-called Negroes who believe in Islam to prison for 3, 5 and more years for teaching the truth of his history under the flag of America and of the very scientific meanings of the design of it, then the Federal Government should make it clear whether or not it ignores its own duty of protecting what is known to be the Federal law of the land.

14 Just because it is a so-called Negro involved, the decision is left to the southern courts as to whether it is their rightful part and duty to exercise this law. This means there is no Federal Law that can be relied upon for protection in America if certain white citizens do not like it.

15 Could the science of the colors of the flag be the secret that has caused the rise of anger of the Louisiana white citizens against the Muslims? The Islamic flag consists of an all red color with a crescent of white placed in it. The red represents the Sun, which is truthfully a red ball of fire that lights up and warns the planetary worlds in her circle. This is the physical meaning, that we receive freedom of light and warm from this mighty red ball of fire whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any disbeliever -- even atheists.

16 The American flag has red in it. The American flag has stars in it, but no moon. It is not necessary for the science of a moon in her flag because it would not correspond with the nature and government of the people who own the American flag. But in our flag, that of the Nation of Islam, the moon's physical work is that of equalizing. And the Star on the Islamic flag is put there for the purpose of showing her physical help in guidance for man as well as to beautify the universe. According to science, the stars are without number. Allah (God) said, "They put one star in our flag which serves to represent all of the stars."

17 The now 50 stars in the American flag physically represent the 50 states which make up what they call a United States. The spiritual side, however, is never mentioned in the teaching of the American flag.