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1 Will Civil Rights solve the so-called Negroes' problem? By no means will it or anything else except Allah solve our problem. Civil Rights, according to the English dictionary, means the equal rights of a human being on a level with any other human being. These rights are limited here in America. First and foremost, the so-called Negro needs human rights which will warrant his recognition as a human being by his slave-masters. This also gives him universal rights -- the same equal rights as any other human being.

2 Will the so-called Negro enjoy the equal rights that the American white citizens enjoy? Or, will he continue to wait patiently for Civil Rights to come within 100 years from now? I am convinced that neither a white nor a Negro government will be here 100 years from now to witness what will take place. There is nothing good coming from the white man for the so-called Negroes' future. I have repeatedly warned you that there is no justice for you in the white man. The Civil Rights Bill was made up by white people and passed by white people. Even at this late date, there is no indication that the white man will -- or even desires to -- treat the so-called Negroes equally. It is not his nature to treat you or even his kind right; it cannot be done.

3 Reverent Martin Luther King, Jr., the 1964 Novel Peace Prize winner, would have honored himself and his people if he had refused the medal. The money could have been accepted, since his people need it. Even if he did not need it himself, there are poor among his followers who really need financial help. He won neither peace nor justice for his people.

4 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., wants brotherhood with white America for himself and his followers. As reported here, the Nobel Peace Prize was conferred on him in Norway. Reverend King sharply warned in St. Paul's cathedral that "A doctrine of black supremacy was as great a danger as one of white supremacy." He followed up with the words, "Unless men and nations live together they will perish together."

5 Then came the statement according to the paper, "Too many of our white brothers are only concerned with their economical problems, their social status, their political powers and their so-called way of life." Of his own people he said, "We must not seek to rise from a position of disadvantage to one of advantage substituting injustice of one type for that of another."

6 I have never heard of any such talk coming from a leader's mouth in all of my life. If a man is NOT going to rise from a position of disadvantage why is he preaching for the passage of the Civil Rights Bill for his people? No wonder he had the privilege of going into a cathedral where no so-called Negro had ever stood in the pulpit. He is ignorant, preaching for brotherhood of white people and destruction of his own people, because brotherhood with the white people means the destruction of the black people. According to the Bible -- he preaches from it -- you should not make friends or have friendship with the wicked if you are the righteous, and you should not worship the devils. Most certainly, the white man is the devil --his own Bible teaches him that.

7 He said, "God is not interested in the freedom of white, black or yellow man, but in the freedom of the whole human race." Here, again the Reverend shows that he has not studied the scripture, for it surely teaches you that the world has been under the rule of satan (the devil) for 6,000 years, and how separation must come between God's people and the devil so that the righteous can survive. This kind of talk coming a theological college graduate is almost unbelievable. How many American so-called Negroes would like to follow a man who speaks like one who cares nothing about them?

8 Reverend King has made it clear that he never wants the black man to rule, because he knows it will be "just as dangerous as white supremacy." This shows that all black people should disregard anything that a man like that says. He disagreed that his people should ever rise from the level of a subjected people of slavery. I would like to ask the Reverend under whom he would like to live, since he condemns the ability of both for the supreme character of ruling the nations of the earth done and enjoyed for the last 4,000 years.

9 He wants to be a brother to the white man and wants the black man to be like the white man. This is continued enslavement. I am just wondering how many followers he has after his last statements.

10 I heard the Rev. King say on television that he wanted white people to be his brothers and not his brothers-in-law. He loves our enemies. Any black person who believes in himself should not go near or even listen to this type of teaching. It is really awful to hear a man say such things when he has been beaten and thrown into jail seeking the right to exercise the rights of a member of his own black nation.

11 So, in view of such statements, Rev. King is of no good among black people. What are you going to do? Are you going to follow such teachings, or will you turn around and join your own kind? I cannot see, nor can I understand, why the so-called American Negro is so blind deaf and dumb. We have the right to live and do for ourselves and our children. We do not want any more promises, and we cannot get along in peace with a universally known enemy of black men.

12 Since Allah has revealed the very nature of the Caucasian race -- that they are devils -- there is no way of changing them to be anything other than that which they are.