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1 What is meant by "Days of Allah" are the battles between right and wrong. They are often mentioned as follows: the Days of Judgment, the Days of resurrection, the Days of the Son of Man, and the Days of Allah. These days must not be mistaken for the regular 24 hour day. No, the Days of Allah, the Days of Resurrection, the Days of the Son of Man means years, not the common 24 hour day.

2 What will make us know when we are living in the Days of Allah? It is by the fulfilling of the predictions made by the Prophets of Allah, long before they come to pass. I quote Maulvi Muhammad Ali's footnote 2275 on this verse, in which he says: "The Days of Allah are the contests in which the righteous shall be made successful." That no one can deny for this is a sign for the disbeliever's who have enjoyed great temporary prosperity and who thought that they were too rich and powerful to be brought into a state of helplessness. Although they had the histories of those who were before them, there is no difference between the disbeliever's today or the past.

3 We are living in the Days of Allah. The earth and its people have been ruled by the evil race known as the white race. In these days of Allah, the righteous (the Muslims) are now gaining power over the wicked and will soon rule the earth again as they did before the creation of the white race.

4 Take notice of my followers who have given up the wicked ways of the white race and their self-styled Christianity and have accepted the Truth. They are gradually becoming the most successful people in the world. Allah has chosen us; we have chosen Allah.

5 Who can successfully oppose Allah in His Days and time of rule? It is easy for a weak and poverty stricken people to give up, but it is not so easy when they are powerful and wealthy. They think there will be on end to their power and wealth which is made to deceive them.