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1 Allah, Himself, has said that we cannot return to our land until we have a through knowledge of our own selves. This first step is the control and the protection of our own women. There is no nation on earth that has less respect for and little control of their women as we so-called Negroes here is America. Even animals and beasts, the fowls of the air, have more love and respect for their females than have the so-called Negroes of America.

2 Our women are allowed to walk or ride the streets all night long, with any strange men they desire. They are allowed to frequent any tavern or dance hall that they like, whenever they like. They are allowed to fill our homes with children other than our own.. Children that are often fathered by the very devil himself. Then, when the devil man decides to marry her, the so-called Negro press and magazines will make it front page news. The daily press will not print a so-called Negro man marrying into their race, but you seem to think it is an honor to your own nation when your daughter goes over to your enemies, the devils.

3 Our women have been and are still being used by the devil white race, ever since we were first brought here to these States as slaves. They cannot go without being winked at, whistled at, yelled at, slapped, patted, kicked and driven around in the streets by your devil enemies right under your nose. Yet you do nothing about it, nor do you even protest.

4 You cannot control or protect your women as long as you are in the white man=s false religion called Christianity. This religion of theirs gives you no desire or power to resist them. The only way and place to solve this problem is in the Religion of Islam.

5 It is a pleasure to Allah to defend us from our enemies. In the religion of Christianity the white race has had us worshiping and praying to something that actually did not even exist.

6 Islam will not only elevate your women but will also give you the power to control and protect them. We protect ours against all their enemies.

7 We protect our farms by pulling up our weeds and grass by the roots, by killing animals and birds, and by poisoning the insects that destroy our crops in order that we may produce a good crop. How much more valuable are our women, who are our fields through whom we produce our nation.

8 The white race does not want us to destroy their race by inter-marrying with them. They will even kill you to protect their women Can you blame them? No, blame your foolish self for not having enough respect for your own self and your own nation to do likewise. Stop our women from trying to look like them. By bleaching, powdering, ironing and coloring their hair; painting their lips, cheeks and eyebrows; wearing shorts; going half-nude in public places; going swimming with them and lying on beaches with men.

9 Have private pools for your women and guard them from all men. Stop them from going into bars and taverns and sitting and drinking with men and strangers. Stop them from sitting in those places with anyone. Stop them from using unclean language in public (and at home), from smoking and drug addiction habits.

10 Nothing but Islam will make you a respectable people. We Muslims are your example, living here in your midst.

11 There is no delinquency in Islam. Are you with us to put our people on top of the world?