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1 Since learning of the prayer service of Islam -- the religion of entire submission to the will of Allah -- we see him now not only trying to keep his internal parts clean, but the external parts too. He washes his face, his hands, and all the exposed parts of his body before going to prayer. Never before has he done such under the cross (Christianity): prostrating himself with his shoes off and his forehead kissing the rug or the bare earth in praises and humble submission to the will of Allah (God).

2 He says again in the above prayer that he is thankful to Allah. He thanks Allah for the knowledge of words to say, to know Him to be the true God, to believe in and worship Him alone and not to set up a rival to Him.

3 No more is he ungrateful to God as he declares in the following words: "We are not ungrateful to Thee." He no longer befriends an enemy of Allah. While under the cross (Christianity) he befriended the enemies of God, thinking he was getting the favor or friendship of God by loving and befriending every creature whether of the righteous or the devils. In reading the above prayer, we find him forsaking the casting off the ones who do not obey Allah.

4 He is now in accord with the teachings of the Qur-an, the Holy Book of Allah, and in accord with the teaching of Jesus and the prophets. We will not find any Believers in Allah (God who will befriend and show friendship to the enemies and disbelievers of Allah, though they be their near of kin, says the Holy Qur-an. And the Qur-an (60:4) gives us an example in Abraham, who forsook his father and declared that enmity and hatred had appeared between them until he believed in Allah alone.

5 The Bible again puts it in Jesus' words (Luke 14:26) as he says to the disciples that they must even hate their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers or they could not be his followers. But here today in America, as you may know, the Christians teach that we should love everybody. This is just the deceitful way of the devils to get love and honor from the people of God under their religion (Christianity) that they organized in order to oppose the true religion of Allah, Islam.

6 He now further says and acknowledges that he prays to Allah alone and make obeisance as it reads in the words of the prayer as follows: "O Allah, Thee do we serve and to Thee do we pray and make obeisance."

7 He seeks refuge in no other God but Allah and he declares this in the following words of the prayer: "Thee do we flee and we are quick." He now hastens himself for refuge in a living God. A God that exists, a God he can depend upon for help, a God who knows and understands all of his life's trouble and woes.

8 He is not perfect; therefore, he hopes for mercy from the true God in the words of the prayer as follows: "We hope for Thy mercy. And fear Thy chastisement." He has learned of the suffering and the chastisement of Allah upon those who disbelieve in Him.

9 He is no longer an unbeliever, for he has surely turned himself, being upright, to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth.