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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is the Ethiopian government ministry which oversees the agricultural and rural development policies of Ethiopia on a Federal level. The powers and duties of the MARD include: conservation and use of forest and wildlife resources, food security, water use and small-scale irrigation, monitoring events affecting agricultural development and early warning system, promoting agricultural development, and establishing and providing agriculture and rural technology training.[1]

Originally the Ministry of Agriculture, which was established 23 August 1995 with the passing of Proclamation 4-1995 which also established the other 14 original Ministries of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,[2] on 13 January 2004 Proclamation No. 300/2004, merged this Ministry with the Ministry of Rural Development. The current Minister is Tefera Deribew, who was appointed 30 October 2008 to succeed Addisu Legesse.[3] Following the 2010 general election, Tefera was reappointed to this position.[4]

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