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Country Benin
DepartmentZou Department
 • Total186 sq mi (483 km2)
 • Total38,319
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Ouinhi is a town, arrondissement, and commune in the Zou Department of south-western Benin. The commune covers an area of 483 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 38,319 people.[1][2] It is bounded on the north-west by the commune of Zagnanado, south-west by the commune of Zogbodomey, south by the commune of Bonou and east by the commune of Adja-Ouèrè. The commune is divided into arrondisements which include Dasso, Ouinhi, and Tohu, comprising of 28 villages.[3]

The arrondisements of Ouinhi and Dasso were struck hard by the 2008 Benin floods in July 2008, tearing down mud and straw homes and infrastructure and polluting rivers.[4]


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