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Coordinates: 12°25′N 1°0′W / 12.417°N 1.000°W / 12.417; -1.000

Map of Plateau-Central Region

Plateau-Central is one of Burkina Faso's 13 administrative regions. It was created on 2 July 2001 and had an estimated population of 647,516 in 2006. The region's capital is Ziniaré. Three provinces make up the region - Ganzourgou, Kourwéogo, and Oubritenga.

bg:Плато Сентрал de:Plateau Central es:Región Plateau-Central eu:Plateau-Central eskualdea fr:Plateau-Central gl:Plateau-Central id:Region Plateau-Central it:Regione dell'Altopiano Centrale nl:Plateau-Central no:Plateau-Central pt:Região Plateau-Central ru:Центральное Плато fi:Plateau-Central (Burkina Faso) sv:Plateau-Central zh:高原-中部大區