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Scheme A Things
Studio album by Midnite
ReleasedMay 4, 2004
RecordedRecorded and Engineered at Afrikan Roots Lab
Midnite chronology
Project III Scheme A Things
Full Cup

Scheme A Things represents Midnite’s first studio album since the release of Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance in June of 2002.

Released on the Rastafari record label, Scheme A Things offers a wide variety of musical styles. The album is bookmarked by Words Ov Right and Where Are They Now. The opening track features Vaughn Benjamin singing and playing all musical instruments. This CD culminates with Where Are They Now, a Nyahbinghi chant that asks: "Coming from the numerous of the genome, divided of the ages, diaspora surround. Who are they now? Where are they now?"


  1. Words Ov Right– 3:52
  2. Scheme A Things – 4:43
  3. Lianess – 4:29
  4. Bazra  – 4:56
  5. Jahbok Wha Ova Come – 5:05
  6. Babylon Dem Copy – 4:56
  7. Respek Dem Een – 4:28
  8. Jah Feed I – 4:06
  9. Strongly – 3:58
  10. Where Are They Now – 3:52