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  • ...o written as djeli), or '''Griots''' are an endogamous caste of performing artists, mediators, and historians that exist throughout [[West Afrika]]. ...cs, music and the centrality of orality in in African and African American contemporary culture. These characteristics include call-and-response, repetition, contr
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  • ...and returned to Togo. He designed the flag of Togo while working on other contemporary works.<ref>[
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  • | caption = ''[[African-American Flag]]'', [[The Studio Museum in Harlem]], [[New York City|New York]] (1990 ...lly known, but was also part of a pioneering group of [[African-American]] artists and jazz musicians in Los Angeles, with influence outside the area.<ref>{{c
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  • ...igeria]] in the 1960s where Kuti experimented with many different forms of contemporary music of the time. Prevalent in his and Lagbaja's music are native African Afrobeat has profoundly influenced important contemporary producers and musicians like [[Brian Eno]] and [[David Byrne]], who credit
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  • Zairian artists and ensure the incorporation of traditional styles into contemporary artwork.<ref name="Kabwit, Ghislain C"/>
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  • This shift in style again saw the emergence of a new generation of artists, such as [[Buccaneer (musician)|Buccaneer]], [[Capleton]] and [[Shabba Rank ...d music in a more conscious, rootsy direction. Many modern dancehall Rasta artists identify with [[Mansions of Rastafari|Bobo Ashanti]].
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  • ...ics.<ref name="teacher">Blumberg, Arnold. ''Great Leaders, Great Tyrants?: Contemporary Views of World Rulers Who Made History'', 1995. Page 221.</ref> He was also ...presidency. His broader ideas of socialism live on in the rap and hip hop artists of Tanzania.<ref>Lemelle, Sidney J. “‘Ni wapi Tunakwenda’: Hip Hop Cu
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  • ...z |url= |title=Various Artists &#124; Rocksteady: The Roots Of Reggae | |date=20 ...e]], [[Aswad (band)|Aswad]], [[UB40]], and [[Musical Youth]]. Other reggae artists who enjoyed international appeal in the early 1980s include [[Third World (
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  • ..., [[Guilherme de Brito]], and [[Heitor dos Prazeres]]. Anonymous community artists, including painters, sculptors, designers, and stylists, make the clothes, Also in the 1940s, there arose a new crop of artists: Francisco Alves, Mário Reis, Orlando Silva, Silvio Caldas, [[Aracy de Alm
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  • ...less, the image of Patrice Lumumba continues to serve as an inspiration in contemporary Congolese politics. In the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo general elect Patrice Lumumba's family is actively involved in contemporary Congolese politics. Patrice Lumumba was married to Pauline Lumumba and had
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  • ...[Congo Crisis|deteriorated]], many Congolese artists relocated to Nairobi. Artists such as [[Super Mazembe|Orchestra Super Mazembe]] moved from [[Democratic R ...arity of the genre and signed recording contracts with several [[soukous]] artists.
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  • ...usician from Djibouti; part of the Radio [[Hargeisa]] generation of Somali artists. Somali art is the artistic culture of the Somali people, both historic and contemporary. These include artistic traditions in [[pottery]], music, architecture, [[w
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