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  • ...north of [[Aswan]], and nearly all the cultural and historical sites of [[Ancient Egypt]] are found along riverbanks. The Nile ends in a large [[river delta| ...meaning "the river" (lit. p(h).iar-o "the.canal-great") come from the same ancient name.
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  • |parts = <!-- parts text, or header for parts list --> |area_total_dunam = <!--Used in Middle East articles only-->
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  • ...also predominant in ancient [[Anatolia]] (present-day [[Turkey]]), and the ancient [[Tarim Basin]] (present-day [[Northwest China]]). With written attestation Another account to mention the ancient language [[Sanskrit]] came from [[Filippo Sassetti]] (born in [[Florence]]
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  • {{contains Arabic text}} ....<ref>{{cite book |last=Farrokh |first=Kaveh |title=Shadows in the desert: Ancient Persia at war |publisher=Osprey Publishing, 2007 |isbn=1-84603-108-7, 97818
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  • ...ith the bandages removed from his face. Above on the right is an authentic Ancient Egyptian MUMMY housed in the Cairo Museum of Egypt. Please take notice of t "THE CENTRAL FIGURE OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION WAS OSIRIS, AND THE CHIEF FUNDAMENTALS OF HIS CULT WERE T
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  • ...ayed a role in the invasions and conquests that wrought destruction on the ancient Black Kingdoms and empires of North-East Africa, as well as on the West Afr Provisional Constitution provide in their articles that we are one
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  • ...f of him when we regard his Dialogues merely as literary compositions. Any ancient work which is worth reading has a practical and speculative as well as a li given the right clue when, in using his own discourse afterwards as the text for his examination of rhetoric, he characterizes it as a ‘partly true an
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