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  • ...and social sciences. It was established by President [[Kwame Nkrumah]] in 1962 to encourage [[African studies]]. ...Nkrumah gave an inaugural address at the Institute, 'The African Genius', in which he called for the recovery of African traditions and an African-cente
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  • ...ages]] starting at the elementary level. The sequence of general education in Ethiopia is eight years of primary school, two years of lower secondary sch ...c is spoken, about one-fifth of the male population can read a little, and in Tigre about one twelfth."<ref name=Pankhurst-668>Richard Pankhurst, ''Econo
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  • | thesis_title = Sub-National Politics In The Ivory Coast Republic ...her white people in regards to the slave trade and oppression of Afrikans. In a 1991 speech he claimed that Jews financed the [[slave trade]], used the m
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  • | map_caption = Location of Ọyọ State in Nigeria ...State]], in the east by [[Osun State]], in the south by [[Ogun State]] and in the west partly by Ogun State and partly by the [[Republic of Benin]].
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  • ...d to Chinsali to work at Lubwa Mission. He attended Munali Training Centre in [[Lusaka]] (August 1941&ndash;1943). ...African Welfare Centre and Boarding Master of a Mine School in Mufulira. In this period, he was leading a Pathfinder Scout Group and was Choirmaster at
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  • | established_title = Established ...ame=established>{{cite web|title=Chronological order of town establishment in South Africa based on Floyd (1960:20-26)|url=
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  • {{Use dmy dates|date=October 2012| name = United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization | established = 16 November 1945<ref name=history/>
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  • ...God, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the commonwealth which, in the exercise of our natural rights, we now create within our union with the In so doing, we declare:
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  • |predecessor2 = Office Established ...Kenya stand in his honor. Kenya observes a public holiday every 20 October in his honor. His face still adorns Kenyan currency notes and coins of all den
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  • 10. Persons born in Nigeria after 30th September, 1960.<BR> 29. Reference to tribunal in certain cases.<BR>
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  • ...mine the form of governance for our country, and having fully participated in the Constitution-making process; *NOTING that a Constituent Assembly was established to represent us and to debate the Draft Constitution prepared by the Uganda
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  • Considering the rounds of talks held in Mwanza in 1996, ...egotiations held in Arusha pursuant to the Declaration by the Participants in the Burundi Peace Negotiations involving all the Parties of the Burundi Con
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  • #The Federation shall be known, in Malay and in English, by the name Malaysia. #Subject to Clause (4), the territories of each of the States mentioned in Clause (2) are the territories comprised therein immediately before Malaysi
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